Ms. Moda Mindy proper right here looking for to reminisce with ya…

Now we have all been there.

Early 20s, cramming for an examination at school. You needed a lil’ one factor, one factor to ensure you can cram an entire purchased rattling semester proper right into a 12-hour study session.

And once more throughout the day, there was only one alternative in these circumstances:


Thankfully, the events have modified and we have one different, preferable alternative when striving to crush 12+ hour days. You already know what I’m talking about proper right here.

Yep, we’re talking about Modafinil.

Whereas Adderall used to get the job accomplished at school, there is no denying Modafinil is preferable.


Successfully, they don’t identify me Moda Mindy for nothing proper right here — so I is also biased 😉 Nevertheless me and loads of others uncover Modafinil far preferable for a few explicit causes:


The “comedown” from Adderall could possibly be fully brutal. The stuff is a potent stimulant, on par with many “illegal” remedy, and you may possibly actually really feel like demise after a day on Adderall.

With Modafinil, there is no horrific hangover outcomes the day after. You may need a pair minor stomach factors throughout the morning, nonetheless you’ll not likely really feel akin to you acquire run over by a follow — so to speak.

Oh, and the alternative issue…

Modafinil doesn’t give me the jitters.

I don’t find out about you nonetheless when taking Adderall, I’m tweaking. My arms are more likely to twitch a bit. The feeling is larger than jittery.

However there’s none of this with Modafinil.

When taking Modafinil, there’s a clear focus and vitality that’s incomparable. You might be throughout the zone and dialed in, nonetheless there is no further jitters or tweaking to be found.

So, right here is the deal…

Modafinil is the world’s hottest good drug for a motive.

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Yours in cognition,

Moda Mindy