Ms. Moda Mindy once more throughout the developing. Feeling fantastic after maxin’ and relaxin’ all weekend prolonged.

Nevertheless proper this second, methinks someting’ fascinating acquired right here alongside me desk. An astute reader chimed in…

“Thanks for substitute. I weigh 105 lb.  After I want to focus, I take 1/4 of 200 mg. Will get me started…”

Now, this proper right here electronic message went on and on for a bit. Nonetheless, this half correct proper right here truly stood out — the youthful girl takes 50mg of Modafinil and that works for her. She moreover barely weights over 100 lb. Consideration-grabbing.

Notably as soon as we think about Modafinil dosage and specific individual’s physique weight. Because of this can be very unlikely 50mg is doing one thing for anyone over 250 lb. As per frequent, one-size-fits-all suggestion is generally dogsh*t. And must be averted. Whereas the workforce proper right here always strives to ingredient the right plan of motion for a lot of prospects, the reality is that this:

You have got gotta check out and experiement with what works best for you and your physique.

Maybe that’s 50mg of Modafinil very very first thing throughout the morning. Maybe that’s 200mg Modafinil break up after breakfast after which as soon as extra after lunch.

It relies upon upon…YOU.

And within the occasion you is looking for to refill…

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As always, we’re striving to be the right rattling vendor on these proper right here interwebs. Striving to serve you.

Yours in focus, 

Moda Mindy