We’re going down the rabbit-hole proper right here, so it ought to be well-known that this e-mail just isn’t from everyone’s favorite nootropics vendor in the meanwhile.


This isn’t Ms. Moda Mindy proper right here.

This e-mail comes from “SWIM” in the meanwhile, and it ought to be well-known that SWIM is not going to be a doctor and his advice is not going to be medical in any method, type, or sort.


SWIM needs to talk to you about just a bit off-the-wall matter in the meanwhile:

Modafinil and We*d

Now sooner than we dive deep proper right here, it’s vital to note that we*d is on the market in lots of a particular stress — aka it’s robust to state exactly what’s going to happen when mixing Modafinil and we*d.

On account of there’s higher than a pair forms of, we*d available on the market. You might experience some good benefits in the end, then uncover the following time you try to mix these two substances fully horrible.

I’m not going to get into all that in the meanwhile.

What we are going to talk about in the meanwhile is why you shouldn’t mix Modafinil and we*d — outside of two very specific situations.

That’s correct…

SWIM believes that mixing Modafinil and we*d is not going to be a tremendous thought after SWIM’s personal experience doing exactly that.

Nonetheless there are only a few situations the place a lil’ Mary Jane undoubtedly revenue Modafinil prospects. These specific situations:

To Fall Asleep:

Modafinil is a wakefulness agent. The stuff was designed to eliminate fatigue and keep you awake all by the day and night. Spherical 12-15+ hours of pure energy and potential focus. Nonetheless typically because of half-life of the world’s most interesting nootropic, it could be not doable to fall asleep after taking Modafinil. That’s the place the we*d seems to be helpful.

Some good Ms. pattern Mary Jane might assist take the sting off the Modafinil and ensure you fall asleep rather a lot faster. And preserve asleep longer! Personally, SWIM finds an edible or two with mid-levels of every THC and CBD to be preferable for the job.

Most Creative Output:

This one is just a bit trickier. Modafinil permits us to work longer and extra sturdy. Nonetheless there’s not a whole lot of a “inventive” revenue when taking Modafinil. Nonetheless, the proper type of Mary Jane can ship your inventive synapses sky-high. In concept, we would enhance our creativity on the an identical time — whereas working further hours — simply by combining Modafinil and we*d.

SWIM tried this twice. The first time was a disaster. As a substitute of discovering a continual inventive workflow, SWIM watched 12+ hours of YouTube motion pictures in in the end. Not very good.

SWIM tried this combo a second time though, and was able to crush plenty of advert scripts and models for quite a few merchandise. The type of merchandise and points that required high-level inventive pondering for hours on hours. It labored this time spherical.

Nonetheless SWIM solely recommends this combo do you have to need high-level inventive pondering for hours on hours…because of it’s harmful. You possibly can merely dick off all day.

Basic, combining Modafinil and we*d is normally not instructed — besides that you have to get additional inventive or Modafinil makes it not doable with the intention to sleep. In these situations, the combination is also very good.

Most of the time, you might be significantly better off…

Merely sticking with Modafinil.

Oh, and do not fret — Moda Mindy could be once more subsequent week.

Until then,