Modafinil’s myriad of makes use of is conscious of no bounds.

From battling narcolepsy to stopping fatigue to treating despair…and naturally, as:

The world’s most interesting rattling nootropic!

Modafinil is one useful complement. Hell, the “Limitless” pill in precise life may even have a patriotic side, as properly. In honor of the 4th of July, ole’ Moda Mindy needs to discuss Modafinil and the Navy.

Militaries from many countries have used Modafinil in circumstances the place troops are sleep deprived. In these circumstances, Modafinil is generally used as an alternative to amphetamines.

Inside the ole’ USA, Modafinil has formally been accepted for use on explicit Air Drive missions, usually longer ones.

It’s suspected the US military moreover makes use of Modafinil in fairly just a few totally different capacities, as properly.


On account of Modafinil merely works.

12-15+ hours of intense focus and enhanced cognition.

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Proper right here’s to cognition,

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