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One insightful reader chimed in just some weeks once more:

Modafinil is (clearly) recognized to create a notable improve in productiveness. I don’t take it day-after-day though because of it causes what I identify ‘the modafinil hangover’. I assume it’s a response to the elevated dopaminergic signalling, therein inflicting a dopaminergic downregulation.

Now, we now have talked about this a bit sooner than. And naturally, ye’ Moda Mindy is nevertheless a humble servant — not educated in any means, shapes, or varieties.

Nonetheless, …

There are some simple choices proper right here when talking about dread…

Modafinil Hangover

First, keep your self when taking Modafinil. Drink tons of water and electrolytes. Eat three robust, healthful meals. No espresso earlier 5PM. Take choline. These must all help lower any day-after outcomes of Modafinil.

Subsequent, we want to consider sleep top quality. You want to get 6-9+ hours of sleep after a day taking Modafinil. Regardless of when you actually fall asleep. Try and schedule this into your Modafinil dosing. To ensure you fall asleep, a heavy dose of CBD oil and some melatonin must suffice.

Lastly, just about dopamine restoration…

You principally have to only settle for that Modafinil goes to supply you 12+ hours of insane focus and cognition. Nevertheless the subsequent day would possibly attribute a slight dopamine hit or “hangover” inside the morning. As such, we advise hitting the well being membership very very first thing when you rise up the subsequent day to get the blood transferring and the physique reset.

In spite of everything, solely taking Modafinil just some situations each week, staying throughout the 200mg dosing suggestions, and all that completely different sh*t… will assure this hangover shouldn’t be too unhealthy.

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